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I have been contacted a few time with regards to a TV company wanting the services of my car for various programs. I was contacted a while ago by the BBC to appear on 'I Love The 80's'. Unfortunately that time it didn't come off, but since then I have been approach, again by the BBC for various styles of XR3i's to appear on a number of programs, one being Ali 'G'.  This has now got me thinking that, if I had a contact list of people who wouldn't mind giving up some of there time to either go to London, or have a film crew come to them, then if I was approached again then I could put forward there names and number.

So if you are interested in doing this, then please fill in the form below. Then when I have a number of volunteers, I can also contact some local agencies and notify them as well. I have no idea if this is going to work, but what the hell, lets give it a try.


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Once you have filled in the above form, please only press the submit button once.  This will then send the information as a E-Mail.


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If we are contacted again for any reason by the BBC or any other television company, your details could be forwarded on.

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