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Welcome to the Almost Official Ford Escort XR3i Web Site. I would like to thank everybody who, over the past few years, has contributed something to this web site.  I hope this continues over the next year or so....

I am always looking for new idea's where this web site is concerned. It's not just for the boy racer. It's not just for someone who owns an immaculate XR3i, but it's for everyone, young and old. This site has been dedicated to the Ford Escort XR3i.

It made it's first appearance back in 1980, after the basic MkIII Escort topped the poles as the best selling family car.


Made in the Ford Factory in Saarlouis, Germany this Escort was one of the best loved, with a wide range of owner's from young to old. The Escort has been one of the most popular vehicles ever made, and part of that history is being kept alive through this web site.


This Web Site can be made even more popular and helpful, if you help us. If you have some information which you feel will benefit other Escort XR3i Driver's then please send it in.  This web site has been created for you.  Please feel free to browse around, and let us know what you think.



The 80's are coming back in style again and the demand for one of the best 80's cars is getting greater.  The BBC have asked a number of times for XR3i owns to come forward. If you would like to put forward your car, then click here and fill in our form. Your car could be the next big TV Star.


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